About MRS

The MAZDA RACING SERIES is a motorsport championship featuring MAZDA RX7's and RX8's competing across New Zealand for the North Island Championship, South Island Championship and New Zealand Championship.

Our history includes being the oldest Racing Series to become sanctioned by Motorsport NZ and we have remained one of the most innovative and cost-effective racing categories in NZ motorsport. To provide a drivers championship, we maintain a controlled rulebook that limits modifications to MAZDA RX7 and RX8 production cars that are eligible to compete. Many of NZ’s high profile National drivers have graduated from the MAZDA RACING SERIES.

The RX8 class was introduced in the 2014-2015 season and has grown to become the biggest and fastest-growing class in the North and South Island. With plenty of RX8's still on the road this class will continue to grow in future years.


President: Leo Bult

Vice President & Secretary: Steven Spear

Treasurer: Nigel Edger

Committee: Elton Wichman, Lindsay Dodd, Scott Davies & Russell Burgess