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RX8 Cup


The RX8 class was introduced in the 2014-2015 season and has now become the biggest and fastest growing class within the MAZDA RACING SERIES. With plenty of RX8's still on the road this class will continue to grow in future years. 

Technical regulations:

Past champions:

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RX7 Cup


The rich history of the MAZDA RACING SERIES began in 1992 with the launch of what was then the North Island Pro-7 sanctioned series and featured the much loved classic Series 1 RX7, had been produced from 1978-85. In 2005 the "Pro-7 Plus" class was added for the Series 4 and 6 RX7's.


Today the RX7 Cup is reserved for the Pro-7 Plus cars as the original Pro-7 championship was last contested in the 2016-17 championship.

Technical regulation:

Past champions:


MX5 Cup


The popular MX5's are a great way to get invovled with competitive motorport on a budget and compete as a support class in the MAZDA RACING SERIES.

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